OSF Healthcare Phlebotomist / Nights in United States

Reporting to the Supervisor of Sales and Marketing, under general supervision and according to established policies and procedures, obtains blood samples for laboratory testing according to provider’s orders. In doing so, obtains needed supplies, verifies patient identification, prepares skin sites, and performs venipuncture, and capillary collections especially for pediatric patients, according to established aseptic techniques. Maintains cleanliness and sterility of client laboratory draw areas, educates staff on test and technique changes, orders supplies to assure patient convenience and satisfaction. Accurately labels specimens and transports samples to laboratory for analysis. Registers patients in hospital’s information system and obtains clarification from ordering provider when needed. Ensures proper tracking of venipunctures for billing purposes. Maintains a professional relationship with patients, staff, and providers. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide patient care that is appropriate to the ages of patients served. The following are general characteristics of this job, although duties may vary by assigned facility.


Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of procedures for Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions.

Relates proper techniques necessary to their service and job role.

Understands importance and is aware of the procedure for reporting any and all blood and body fluid exposures.

Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of procedures outlined in the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Maintains work area and equipment in clean and orderly condition.

Performs laboratory functions and procedures with proper safety attire.

Maintains sanitary and safe work area.

Follows all safety precautions/contraindications.

Properly wears OSF Badge while at assigned collection site/location.

Performs venipuncture and skin puncture as required according to established aseptic techniques.

Verifies identification and explains blood drawing procedure to patients.

Travels to patient care areas (may include designated drawing area, patient care area or other assigned area), as necessary.

Applies specimen labels to specimens in the presence of the patient at the time of phlebotomy.

As to avoid mislabeled and rejected samples, based on electronic ordering guidance, selects proper venipuncture tubes for the order.

Collects the appropriate sample volume, uses excellent technique as to avoid hemolyzed specimens, and properly verifies patient identify and labels both prior to and after collection.

Greets patients and their family members in a prompt, courteous, and helpful manner using the principles of AIDET.

May interview patient or patient’s representatives to obtain identification, insurance and billing information.

Ensures all information recorded is complete and accurate.

Interprets physician’s orders, ensures that all information is correct and contacts physician’s office to verify orders or information.

Places accurate patient and test information into facility Atlas system for ordering, resulting and billing purposes, if applicable.

Ensures that patient followed all providers’ instructions before lab draws (i.e. fasting, taking or not taking their medications).

May verify with provider or office about performing blood draw if original instructions were not followed to ensure accurate test results are provided.

Provides care appropriate to the age of the patients served in accordance with departmental policies, procedures and protocols.

Has knowledge and demonstrates skills necessary to evaluate patients for age appropriate behavior, motor skills and physiologic norms.

Recognizes patient’s level of psychosocial development and modifies approaches to care/treatment accordingly.

Handles telephone inquiries specific to lab orders.

Notifies appropriate supervisory personnel/staff when a problem arises.

Communicates with the nurse and/or ordering provider about timed or STAT blood tests that coincide with another procedure or task that may affect the eventual outcome of the result.

Monitors inventory and restocks supplies as necessary in order to maintain inventory at established levels.

Prepares all specimens for transport to the specimen processing area of the lab, ensuring all specimens are kept in the appropriate temperature and packaged properly (i.e. protected from light).

Will perform centrifuging and aliquoting of specimens, depending on sample preparation requirements.

By the assigned due date, completes continuing education requirements as defined by laboratory and facility policy, including Healthstream assignments.

Develops and maintains a positive working relationship with department and facility personnel and outside agencies.

As part of relationship with outreach office, follows industry laws and guidelines and only performs tasks that are related to sample preparation, collection, and shipment.

Reports any inappropriate, out of scope office work requests to the outreach supervisor.

Does not perform clerical or filing tasks, general answering phones for non-lab sample related calls, nurse collect samples, and/or any ordering in an non-OSF computer system.

Supports and is involved in the facilities continuous quality improvement efforts designed to increase patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and improve the utilization of the facility’s human, capital, and physical resources.

Performs other OSF-related duties as assigned by supervisor in the event that the number of daily phlebotomy draws are lower and result in more significant downtime.

High School diploma or equivalent.

Phlebotomy certification by ASCP or approximately six months on-the-job experience necessary in order to learn patient registration, required computer skills for registering patients (if applicable), blood specimen collection techniques, aseptic methods, basic medical terminology and record keeping requirements for reports and monthly statistics, as well as facility and departmental policies and procedures.

Ability to take providers’ orders and select the proper tubes for venipuncture, verify patient identification, maintain logs and records, complete lab order forms if necessary and review same for completeness and accuracy.

Ability to understand and follow verbal instructions appropriately at a level normally acquired through completion of high school.

Must be able to organize and express thoughts in spoken English words that others will understand.

Interpersonal skills necessary in order to communicate effectively with patients, providers, nursing and various laboratory personnel when gathering and exchanging patient related information.

Ability to key information at acceptable levels of speed and accuracy in order to register patients (if applicable) as well as operate data entry equipment at a level acquired through completion of one to three months of course work in keyboarding or equivalent experience.

Analytical skills necessary in order to select best site for obtaining blood, based on provider’s orders; ability to concentrate and pay close attention to details when verifying patient identification, drawing blood, labeling specimens, and recording activities.

Ability to travel to patient care areas (may include nursing homes, physician offices, clinics, patient homes, or other off-site locations).

Must possess valid driver’s license to travel to off-site locations, if required by laboratory protocol.

If applicable, maintains current certification according to guidelines established by appropriate certifying agency.

Must be able to work highly independently with off-site OSF supervision.


Applicants will be afforded equal opportunity without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin or ancestry, age physical or mental handicap unrelated to ability or an unfavorable discharge from military service.

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Title: Phlebotomist / Nights

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