H2M Group Data Scientist in Springfield, Virginia

H2M Group is seeking Data Scientists to support the Maritime Safety Office (SFH), located in Springfield, VA.

The SFH seeks to quantitively improve the mission areas of Maritime Features, Surfaces, Publications, Events, Dissemination, Source Assessment, and Metrics through contractor support to existing operation activities. Future needs and capabilities, as well as developmental assignments, are included.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Collect, process, and perform data analysis

  • Integrate, centralize, project, and maintain data in a DBMS

  • Clean, massage, and organize data

  • Perform ad-hoc analysis and present results in a clear manner

  • Conduct undirected research and frame open-ended industry/customer questions

  • Recommend cost-effective changes to existing procedures and strategies

  • Communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear, precise, and actionable manner using story-telling/visualization

  • Create/maintain tools to extract features from a variety of sources including raster to vector, vector to vector, text to vector, and text to database

  • Write/maintain Python Scripts in ArcGIS to improve the efficiency of the production process

  • Support Business Processing Re-Engineering

  • Perform Data Conversion/migration

  • Perform Business Analytics

  • Work with the Government on new production capabilities/services

Job Requirements:



  • Minimum 3 years of programming skills with the ability to write/maintain scripts, including Python and JAVA scripts and familiarity of querying with SQL

  • Advanced knowledge in data science, including the areas of data services, modeling, and analytics

  • Advanced knowledge of geospatial data management including data type conversion; coordinate systems (latitude and longitude, UTM) and their conversions; and knowledge of projections and their properties/conversions

  • Minimum 2 years of experience working with data quality control tools including ArcGIS Data ReViewer

  • Proficient with ESRI Workflow Manager WMX and TAM


  • Experience with combining digital cartography, computer technology, GIS, cartographic and geospatial production techniques, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and digital data formats

  • Ability to clean/prune data to discard irrelevant information

  • Ability to examine data from a variety of angles to determine hidden value, weaknesses, trends, and/or opportunities

  • Advanced knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS and ArcServer

  • Knowledge of database systems and architecture (ORACLE, PostgresSQL, NoSQL (MongoDB), Microsoft Access)

  • Ability writing SQL

  • Understanding cloud architecture and DevOps

  • Knowledge of symbolization rules (how symbols are used to portray features)

  • Knowledge of generalization rules

  • Experience working with geospatial data in a multi-user enterprise environment (i.e. versioning data)

  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine-to-machine learning

  • Knowledge of Metrics dissemination

  • Ability to convert unstructured data into structured data

Requisition ID: 368