Hawaii Gas Regulatory Analyst in Honolulu, Hawaii

Develops regulatory and financial models to support the Companyandrsquo;s regulatory strategy. Works closely with the Manager on the development, interpretation and administration of regulatory matters and tariffs. Develops and utilizes forecasting models to project and evaluate the Companyandrsquo;s performance according to varying assumptions and planning scenarios; prepares regular reports for internal use. Participates in planning and utilizes models as tools to provide senior management with assistance in determining the implications of various planning scenarios.Assists in the administration of and provides technical advice and information to company, PUC and CA staff, as well as the general public, on regulatory and tariff matters, including rule interpretation, re-writing of rules when necessary and accurate and timely administration of tariff changes. Assists in or provides substantive direction for the development of Companyandrsquo;s regulatory strategy and Company positions. Reviews written testimonies, exhibits, and work papers for significant investigations and other major PUC cases and recommends changes to be consistent with Company policy, PUC rules, laws and decisions, and other PUC decisions.Performs compliance reporting requirements to include the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual filings with the PUC, other governmental agencies, and trade or industrial associations. Creates and sustain effective relationships with regulatory representatives. Keeps abreast of new decisions and orders and other proceedings before the PUC that may impact the Companyandrsquo;s operations. Maintains assigned work area and equipment in a clean, orderly and safe condition; performs housekeeping duties as required. Complies with all safety rules and cooperates in the fullest in the promotion of safety and safe work habits, to include the reporting of any unsafe conditions or acts. Maintains all EH and S training on a current basis.