Leidos Coordinator, Project GLS Sr in N/A,

Job Number



Coordinator, Project GLS Sr




Position Summary:

Supports the GLS practice by staffing and managing projects in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Oversees vendor resources assigned to the project and responds to client issues/concerns.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Works with clients that need comprehensive assistance to develop a go live plan for 100+ consultants

  • Tours and determines staffing needs of site, gets client buy in to the number

  • May attend senior leadership meetings as part of plan implementation

  • Develops a schedule that may need to incorporate zone leaders, Super Users, and additional site staff as well as Leidos consultants

  • Builds Shiftboard schedules

  • Works with travel to develop shuttle schedules, hotel plan and transportation to and from the airport.

  • Maintains the master schedule to ensure that all staff (Leidos and client) are placed appropriately

  • While working with the client on one site is preparing for the next Wave.

  • Supports other PCs by providing help with time reporting, schedule maintenance, and planning for large project implementation.

  • Assists with proposals, part of client presentations as appropriate

  • Assesses and improves GLS methodology (with GLS DPM approval), documents it and shares it on SharePoint.

  • Shares changes made to the GLS methodology with the group.

  • Expert in Shiftboard

  • Meets with the client in person or on the phone to develop a project plan

  • Works with client to schedule go live resources. Continues to work on refining the schedule throughout the project as needed. May include scheduling site Super Users, vendor resources, as well as our own staff.

  • Project schedules will be completed 2 days prior to project, schedules will be maintained on a daily basis in Shiftboard.

  • Breaks will be entered into each shift.

  • Shiftboard “Who’s On?” report will be reviewed, and remind those who did not check in and out with a note.

  • Assess project vendor resources, provides feedback and documents, internally, both positive and negative performance.

  • Oversight of Vendor Resources:

  • If an issue arises on a project:

  • Coach on what has been observed by GLS Staff or the Client and what needs to change going forward, on this project or potential future projects

  • If the vendor resource is asked to leave the project by the client, notify the Director of Project Management

  • All Manager Notes in Shiftboard on performance issue will be entered at the time the problem occurs

  • Problems will not wait for the upload of notes at the end of the project.

  • The upload of end user and Team Lead surveys will be completed within 7 days following the project.

  • Each vendor resource will have a Manager Note named “Project End Date” in Shiftboard. Run the Project End Date report and send it to the Director of Project Management.

  • Develops a communication plan with the client and the vendor resources to ensure smooth communication

  • Works with GLS Recruiting to assign Team Leads for projects and evaluate their performance; provides feedback and documents, internally, both positive and negative performance


  • Weekly reports will be sent to the Director of Project Management on Thursday of each week to update them on all aspects of the project

  • Oversees project progress and vendor resources when on site at the project; goes out on the hospital/clinic floors and observes vendor resources at work

  • Keeps track of on-boarding process to be sure that all vendor resources are cleared for the project

  • Keeps track of the travel process to be sure that:

  • Hotel lists are up to date prior to and throughout the project

  • Flight lists are up to date prior to and throughout the project

  • Tracks and records project information in SharePoint and in Shiftboard

  • Approves timecards to include: comparing clock in/clock out time in Shiftboard against schedule,

  • Compares clock in/clock out time against schedule and ensures that time submittal is correct and on time.

  • Will approve time on a daily basis in Shiftboard

  • Reviews vendor resource expenses to be sure that they are accurate; resolves any issues with the billing department, may need to call or see vendor resource for further information

  • Works cooperatively with GLS Recruiting and to ensure proper staffing for each project

Note: The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.


Education and Minimum Experience:

  • Some College or Degree in related field

  • 2+ years of experience in Healthcare, Healthcare IT or Education

  • 2+ years of management and supervision experience, able to work long hours for extended periods of time, able to be on feet for up to 12 hours per day, able to be away from home for more than 2 weeks at a time, able to communicate with large groups of people,

able to work remotely with little supervision, able to set standards and follow through on them, able to schedule

  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint experience, will train SharePoint and Shiftboard

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Proven ability to lead small and large groups of people to one common goal

  • Ability to schedule small and large groups of people

  • Ability to manage, supervise and lead small and large groups of people

  • Manage details of travel, billing, and scheduling for short periods of time.

Travel Requirements:

50-75% of travel required