Pronto Mechanical Services Janitorial Maintenance Worker in BROOKFEILD, Illinois

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Job Title:

Assistant Maintenance Technician


Starting Pay:

$12.00 to $16.00 per hr.


Purpose of the Job:

'The purpose of the job is to minimize the risks/hazards, optimize equipment performance, and reduce energy costs for our customers. Crews are made up of two to four individual contributors that are knowledgeable in system maintenance. Teams are expected to perform in a collaborative unit that reflects our services with the highest standards of quality job completion. As an individual crew member, your contribution to the team and its development is crucial.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

+ Complete Checklist for every job assignment.

+ Complete Training on all "positions" of kitchen exhaust, evaporator and condenser coil cleaning and duct cleaning.

+ Kitchen Exhaust duties include:

+ Baffle boss: Main position that cleans all baffle filters. Responsibilities to set up all pressure washers and back up Tarper as needed.

+ Tarper: Cover and secure work area, tarp systems and ensuring the tarps are secure throughout cleaning process. Clean plenums, hoods and indoor components of exhaust system.